20 Gallon Eco Friendly Sorbent Universal Spill Kit, Pro Grade, 47 Piece: Overpack Drum, Sorbent Cartons, Heavy Duty Pads, 3"x4' Socks, Bucket, Scoop, Gloves, Hazmat Bags, Goggles, GuideBook, Wall Sign

KTSK 10260
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Our AWF PRO Universal Sorbent Spill Kit features four 2 quart cartons of WYK Safety Sorbent Traction Agent And Universal Sorbent that helps you meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.22, Parts 1, 2 and 3 on walking and working surfaces. WYK Safety Sorbent is a blend of all natural ingredients that safely soak up virtually and liquids from any surface. It is 100% pure Amorphous Material without any fillers or additives. WYK Safety Sorbent is an inert and inorganic mixture of chemically and physically bound silicates, aluminates with a small amount of ferric oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium oxide and alkalis and contains no free elements. Its physical shape is flat and thin with generally one bubble juncture per shard allowing for higher capacity and faster capillary action. Applications include traffic accident response, shipping and receiving facilities, manufacturing and machining operations, chemical manufacturing and blending, maintenance and repair services, refuse collection operators, aircraft refueling and repair operations, cold storage and refrigerated trucking, meat and poultry processing, and food processors.

Item Contains

  1. Safety Goggles, Polycarbonate Lens, PVC Frame Direct Air Holes, 2mm thickness.
  2. Chemical Gloves Extra Large
  3. 20 gal. Lab Pack Drum, HDPE, Yellow Screw Top Lid
  4. 2016, Emergency Response Guidebook Std Bound Pocket
  5. Spill Kit Laminated Plastic Sign, 7" x 10"
  6. Small Hand Scoop, 32 oz., Polypropylene, Blue 11.5"L x 5"W x 2.75" H
  7. 3"x4' Universal Cell Socks x6
  8. 15"x19" Heavy Weight Universal Pads 15"x19" Heavy Weight Universal Pads x25
  9. Pail, Plastic, 5 gal Blue
  10. Lid, Standard for 3.5, 5, 6, and 7 Gallon Plastic Pail, Blue
  11. Safety Sorbent #500 x4
  12. Bags, Yellow Hazardous Material Disposal 18" X 30", 5 Mil x5




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