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AWarehouseFull Presents - Why do Professionals choose WEATHERMATE -Plus Housewrap

Sep 17th 2013

AWarehouseFull presents

“Why Do Professional’s Choose . . .”

WEATHERMATE™ Plus – Housewrap ?

Keep Damaging Water Out

  • Outperforms DuPont Tyvek in ASTM D779 test, which measures the time it takes for water and/or water vapor to pass through the housewrap material
  • Can be used under cedar

Reduced Air Infiltration

  • Results of TAPPI T-460 test which measures the volume of air that passes through the house wrap have proven that WEATHERMATE™ Plus (>1800 air porosity) prevents home energy loss better than Tyvek (300 air porosity) while protecting against entrance of undesirable elements such as mold, mildew, smoke, pests, etc 
  • Protects R value

Provides Optimal Vapor Permeability

  • WEATHERMATE™ Plus outperforms Pactiv and Tyvek in ASTM E96 tests which measures water vapor transmission rating of 6.7 perms (optimal range being 5 to 20 perms) while competitors have measured a perm rating as high as 58 which increases the risk of excessive water vapor entering the wall cavity

Superior Tear Resistance

  • ASTM D1117 test measures the machine and cross direction tear strength and the results have demonstrated that WEATHERMATE™ Plus has twice the tear strength of DuPont Tyvek

Easy to work with

  • When working in rain, WEATHERMATE™ Plus does not become slippery like competitive housewraps which dramatically reduces the risk of falling that could result in injury
  • WEATHERMATE™ Plus  doesn’t give off a glare when installing in direct sunlight


  • WEATHERMATE™ Plus is available these sizes:
  • 5’x100’; 9’x100’; 9’x150’; 10’x100’; 3’x100’
  •  AWarehouseFull stocks several of these sizes in Freehold, NJ