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Choosing The Right Dropcloth

Posted by AWF on Mar 4th 2014

The Classic Canvas

The traditional heavyweight canvas dropcloth has been a staple protection product for painters and carpenters for centuries. Only getting better with age, the Trimaco SuperTuff Heavyweight Canvas Dropcloth is the original go-to dropcloth. It is manufactured using a heavy-duty fabric that is absorbent, washable and reusable, it is the ideal choice for surface protection while painting, staining, etc.

The Pro's of Plastic

Plastic dropcloths such as Trimaco’s 3mil Plastic are an obvious choice when it comes to protecting surfaces. Plastic is ideal for covering items such as furniture & appliances but because plastic isn’t absorbent, using it under a canvas dropcloth is recommended to prevent any spills from seeping through to the floor. Another great use for plastic is to create a barrier between rooms or protecting large areas while using a sprayer. 4mil Plastic Dropcloths are ideal for lead-based paint removal.

The Beauty of Butyl

By coating a heavyweight canvas dropcloth with Butyl (a brand of synthetic rubber) then sewing a thin plastic film to one side of it, the Trimaco Butyl II was born. The Butyl II Canvas Dropcloth is guaranteed to outperform all other drop cloths. The combined features of an absorbent canvas and leak-proof coating makes it an obvious choice for all of your painting and staining projects.

The Ultimate Eliminator

The Eliminator is the roughest, toughest, most durable dropcloth...EVER! The ELIMINATOR has every feature of a great dropcloth and then some. This bad boy is slip resistant, tear resistant, crack resistant, absorbent and reusable making it a favorite of professional contractors everywhere. The ELIMINATOR is versatile and can tackle any spill including solvents and coatings that will destroy standard dropcloths.


ONE TUFF Dropcloths are made of a durable DuPontTM Sontara® fabric that is backed with a specially engineered coating that will never come apart. The OneTuff is the gold standard for all your surface protection requirements. OneTuff is built to last and lightweight enough to be draped over your most delicate treasures. Trimaco’s OneTuff is slip resistant, tear resistant, super absorbent and reusable. What a value!

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