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KTDA 21000
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DAP ALEX FLEX Premium Molding & Trim Sealant is specifically formulated for use on molding & trim applications. It delivers maximum adhesion & flexibility for a crack proof seal. In 30 minutes, ALEX FLEX forms a tough outer skin that's dry enough to paint over with latex or oil based paints, saving time and finishing the job faster. Ideal for a professional look with paint projects when sealing gaps around windows, doors, trim, crown molding, chair rails and baseboards. Sealing molding and trim can be a tricky project if the wrong sealant is used. Multi-piece crown molding can have up to five or more moving parts that must be sealed. Seasonal changes can cause wood trim to expand and contract, stressing seams year round. DAP ALEX FLEX provides maximum flexibility and adhesion for a crack proof seal, as well as fast paintability and no paint shiners, making it ideal for molding and trim projects. PROPER SURFACE PREPARATION IS KEY: Remove any old caulk from the seam or joint by cutting or scraping it away. Then clean the area with soap and water to remove dirt, dust, grease or debris. Rinse thoroughly. Make sure the area to be sealed is clean and dry to ensure good adhesion. GET A PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING FINISH: To get a professional-looking finish after the sealant has been applied, smooth the bead of sealant with a caulk finishing tool dipped in water. Do this before the sealant starts to skin over, about 2-5 minutes. WANT STRAIGHT LINES? Apply painter’s masking tape to either side of the joint before applying the sealant. Remove the tape before the sealant skins over – about 2-5 minutes. To remove, lift the edge up at a 45° angle and pull away from you.

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