Froth-Pak Pro Refill Systems


Insulation for Residential & Commercial Applications

Froth-Pak Refills are the smart solution for foam contractors looking to add additional spray foam capacity without the expense of  an entire second rig.  Froth-Pak Refills also make sense for general contractors looking to get into spray foam insulation without the large upfront costs associated with drum foam.

Froth-Pak Foam is a quick reacting two part closed cell polyurethane foam that is created by mixing the contents of the A tank (Isocyanate) and the B tank (Polyol) to provide insulating and sealing. In most cases Froth-Pak foam insulation can be applied up to several inches thick in non-habitable areas without the need for a thermal barrier. As always, check with your local code office for approval.

Froth-Pak Refills are considered low pressure systems. This allows you to re-enter the building within one hour after applying spray foam.  High pressure 50 gallon drum foam applications requires a 24 hour quarantine before entering the building.


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