INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive, Complete Set with 23 lb tank, hose and applicator wand

DOW 308912
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INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Commercial Roofing Adhesive from Dow is used to attach compatible insulation and coverboards to roof decks and substrates in new roof and roof replacement applications. This includes insulation board to insulation board, insulation board to Class I graveled and non-graveled (bald) built-up roofs for re-cover applications, and insulation or gypsum board to 22 gauge and thicker steel decks and wood decks.

INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Commercial Roofing Adhesive is a one-component, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive that is compatible with a variety of roof deck, substrate and insulation materials. It offers consistent, efficient attachment of insulation boards in a wide range of roofing applications.

INSTA STIK™ Quik Set is available in a 30 lb unit (23 lb net chemical weight).



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