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PintyPlus Chalk Finish Spray Paint Kit with Wax - Assorted Colors

PintyPlus Chalk Finish Spray Paint Kit with Wax - Assorted Colors
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Product Description

PintyPlus Chalk Finish Spray Paint - Assorted Colors

This kit combines 2 cans of PintyPlus Chalk Finish Paint, 1 can of PintyPlus Spray Wax and several rags for cleanup and buffing.

PintyPlus Chalk Finish gives you an Ultra Matte Finish with a Velvety Smooth Appearance. Chalk Spray Paints come in a wide range of decorator colors that bring out your creative side and give that vintage look to furniture, crafts and curios.

PintyPlus Spray Wax nourishes and preserves wood, and is a popular choice to protect and harden PintyPlus Chalk Finish Spray Paints. Easy to spray PintyPlus Wax provides better coverage and quicker application than traditional cream waxes. PintyPlus wax can provide a slight matte to a satin finish.

PintyPlus is a product of Novasol Spray S.A., a leading European manufacture of aerosol paints and sprays. Novasol Spray is committed to providing the best in quality, human-friendly products with minimal environmental impact.

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PintyPlus Chalk Finish Colors


Chalk Finish Paint

PintyPlus Chalk Finish is ideal on wood, melamine, canvas, iron, plastic, cardboard and even glass. No aggressive solvents, means it's safe for use on expanded polystyrene. The environmentally friendly water-based formulation offers maximum coverage, fast drying and soap and water cleanup within the first 15 minutes. PintyPlus Chalk Finish is sandable when dry.

  • Ultra Matte Finish
  • Wide Range of Decorator Colors
  • Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Formula
  • Faster Application, Gets in the Nooks and Crannies
  • Better Coverage, as few as Two Coats
  • Higher Yield, twice as much as Competitor Sprays
  • Quick Drying, Sandable within Minutes
  • Easy to Clean, Dust-Free Surface
  • The matte finish gives a vintage touch to your objects. Colors can be layered and then distressed by sanding or scraping to give each piece added character and a unique look.
  • To achieve a smooth finish, apply several thin layers. Let each layer dry and then sand lightly until you obtain the desired texture and effect.
  • For additional protection and a satin like finish apply PintyPlus Spray wax.

How to apply:

  1. The surface to be painted should be clean, dry and free of any contaminants.
  2. Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute.
  3. Spray from a distance of 10 inches and apply in rapid thin layers, first horizontally and then vertically.
  4. To achieve a uniform coverage and avoid drips, apply in several thin layers instead of a thick one.
  5. When you're finished spraying, invert the can and push the nozzle until only gas comes out. This will prevent clogging.


  • Performance 520cc/400ml = 21.5 sq. ft. (2 sq. m)
  • Drying time in 20 minutes, total drying in 1 hour.
  • Repaint with PintyPlus Chalk Finish colors in 1 hour.
  • Repaint with other paints in 24 hours.



Spray Wax

PintyPlus Spray Wax comes in a 400 ml container for easy application. Apply it directly to wood furniture or chalk paint surfaces:

  • Nourish and protect untreated wood and highlight its natural tone.
  • Renew and give luster to previously waxed wood pieces.
  • On furniture and objects painted with Chalk Paint, PintyPlus Wax hardens and seals the paint to provide a finish that will stand up to handling and daily use.

How to Apply

  1. Shake the can for several minutes to thoroughly mix all components.
  2. Apply an even layer and let dry for 20 minutes.
  3. Polish the waxed surface by rubbing with a cotton cloth, nylon stocking or similar. Polish until you receive the desired sheen.
  4. If needed, repeat these steps and apply a second coat.

Untreated Wood

If the wood has never been previously treated we recommend applying at least 2 coats to insure adequate protection.

Previously Waxed Wood

In the case of wood that has been previously waxed, we recommend removing the existing wax coating. The old wax can usually be removed with mineral spirits, turpentine or denatured alcohol. Multiple layers of wax may react with each other and become cloudy or sticky.

After removing the old wax coating apply PintyPlus Wax Spray following the same steps as untreated wood.

Chalk Paint

On a surface that has been painted with chalk paint, apply the wax as directed, wait approximately 20 minutes, then polish.





  • Spray the product using the can in a vertical position.
  • Once the surface is dry, wipe to remove the excess chalk dust.
  • Wait 5 minutes between layers. When the surface is dry to the touch, you are ready to apply the next layer. Remember to remove excess dust between coats.
  • If the nozzle clogs, clean with a cloth or rag and continue to paint normally.
  • For additional protection a layer of wax or varnish can be applied, we recommend either PintyPlus Wax or PintyPlus Chalk Varnish
  • Use PintyPlus Primer for dark surfaces or to seal pigments and wood resins from discoloring the Chalk Finish Paint.
  • Before painting a plastic surface, we recommend applying PintyPlus TECH Plastic Primer first. This provides a better anchorage for the chalk paint.
  • Do not apply onto powered electrical equipment. Apply always in a well ventilated area.
  • Once empty, the aerosol should be disposed of according to local regulations.


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