AWF PRO Portable Oil Only Spill Kit 2 Pack, Each Kit Contains 35 Pieces: 25 Sorbent Pads, 3 Sorbent Socks, 5 Disposal Bags,1 Pair of Goggles & Chemical Gloves. Packed in a Heavy Duty, Reusable Nylon Bag

KTSK 22011-2PK
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Spill Kit Combo 2 Oil Only Spill Kits: Sorbent Pads, Socks, PPE, 2 Nylon Bags


AWF Pro Portable Spill Kit Combo

Our Portable Spill Kit Combo contains 2 Oil Only Spill Kits used to absorb oils, petroleum products, and common chemicals that are not water based. Each Compact Spill Kit comes packed in a Heavy Duty Nylon Bag that's ready to Grab and Go.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2 Separate Spill Kits in Heavy Duty, Reusable Nylon Carry Bags: 2 Oil Only Spill Kits
  • 25 Spill Pads per kit, 3-4 ft Socks per kit
  • Each kit contains 5 Disposal Bags, Goggles, Neoprene Chemical Gloves
  • Oil Only for Oils and Petroleum Products (Repels Water)
  • Each Kit is 19"x16"x6.5", Weight = 7.2 lbs, 8.8 Gallon Absorbent Capacity

Use of Pads and Socks:

Socks: Socks are usually the first item out of the box. These snake like tubes are used to block the spread of your spill and contain the spilled liquids within a confined area.  You lay these down on the edges of your spill to limit its spread or place them across the spill's path to protect drains, and porous surfaces such as lawns or open ground.

Pads: These are the thinner sheets of absorbent material. These are used to clean up the bulk of your spill/mess. They also work well as towels or rags to clean off items that are contaminated by the spilled liquid. You can also use these to absorb active drips and leaks before they become a problem.

Item Contains

  1. Safety Goggles, Polycarbonate Lens, PVC Frame Direct Air Holes, 2mm thickness. x2
  2. Chemical Gloves Extra Large x2
  3. Canvas Bag 600D Nylon x2
  4. Bags, Yellow Hazardous Material Disposal 18" X 30", 5 Mil x10
  5. 15"x19" Heavy Weight Oil Only Pads x50
  6. Oil-Only Poly Blend Sock, 3" x 4' x6




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