AWF Pro Professional Spray Foam Gun with Non-Stick Coated Adapter Basket, with Gun Cleaner and Nitrile Gloves

AWF 1000-X
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AWF Pro Professional Foam Gun, Non-Stick Coated Basket, Gun Cleaner, Nitrile Gloves


Professional Spray Foam Gun

for Pro Cans PU (Polyurethane) Sealant Foam and Adhesive

Professional foam guns and cans give you precise application and higher yields than one time use straw cans. Our dispenser gun features a PTFE Non-Stick coated basket, dispensing needle and ball valve to promote easy cleaning and unrestricted flow of foam. The control knob  allows adjustment of bead size and gives you precise application of foam sealants and adhesives. Needle valve control eliminates waste by allowing you to cut off foam flow completely; this allows you to restart and use the same can for up to several weeks. Built to last, the quality components and construction will keep on working when other guns fail. - For additional value, we've added a can of Dow Gun Cleaner and a pack of Nitrile Protective Gloves


  • High quality ensures a simple, effective foam application every time.
  • Barbed extender tips allow for easy attachment of nozzles and straws to reach tight spots.
  • PTFE non-stick coated adapter basket, dispensing needle and ball valve promote easy cleaning.
  • Trigger fittings ensure minimum play with the dispensing needle.
  • Smooth trigger action - far less tight than many other brands.
  • Easy-to-use control knob allows for foam bead adjustment.
  • Proper storage and cleaning results in several years of functionality.
  • Specially designed for use with professional size foam cans.


  • 1 Professional Foam Gun Applicator
  • 2 plastic straws
  • 2 plastic nozzles
  • 1 can Dow Gun Cleaner
  • 1 Pack of AWF Pro Nitrile Gloves

Note: Foam gun may be used only with professional foam cans.  DO NOT use retail foam cans with plastic straws.

How to use Pro Foam Guns

Here is what you do.  When you are done for the day, leave the foam can (as long as it has some remaining product in it) attached.  DO NOT RUN GUN CLEANER THROUGH THE GUN!!!  All that does is cook the seals right out of the gun.  If you are using the gun on a fairly regular basis, it will be fine and if you leave a can attached, it will not cure inside the barrel or valving of the gun.
If you are using the tapered tips, allow the foam to cure inside the tapered tip when you are done for the day.  It forms the airseal at the tip and prevents any air from entering the gun barrel and curing the foam inside the barrel.  When the next install comes around, you just snap off the old tip and install a new tapered tip and you are good to go.
Tapered tips are great and we buy them by the bulk in addition to the extension straws (far less of those are used as compared to the tapered tips).  Since my guys have been doing the gun storage as listed above, we are getting months out of each gun whereas they were getting far less by trying to clean and store them emptied out.

For more information on the use and care of foam guns read "How to use a Pro Foam Gun".

To see a copy of our illustrated instructions, click here.

Para ver una copia de las instrucciones illustradas, haga clic aqui.

Item Contains

  1. Professional Spray Foam Gun with Non-Stick Coated Adapter Basket
  2. Nitrile Gloves, Blue-12Pk, L/XL
  3. Great Stuff Pro, Applicator Cleaner, 12 oz Can




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