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Safety Cans - Flammables & Diesel


Safety Cans for Flammables & Diesel

An important part of storing any type of flammable liquid lies in it's easy identification and proper storage and handling.  In the world of safety cans, there are many choices as well as many colors. 

Color coding first!  These cans really look great in different colors, but there is actually a very good reason for the variety.  Different types of flammables get stored in different color cans for quick and easy visual identification.  That way, everyone working with them knows exactly what's in each can at a glance.

In the world of Flammables & Diesel, remember that YELLOW IS FOR DIESEL and RED FOR FLAMMABLES

And now for the storage and handling.  Eagle Safety cans  made of galvanized steel, feature environmentally friendly lead-free technology.  All metal safety cans are FM, UL & ULC approved and meet OSHA & NFPA Code 30 requirements.

Type I and Type II: Safety cans come in two different styles.  Type I has one opening, used for both filling and emptying the can and Type II has two openings, one to fill the can, one to empty. Type I Safety Cans generally dispense the liquids through a plastic funnel, while Type II Safety Cans dispense flammable liquids through a flexible metal spout.

So that's the skinny on Safety Cans and now it's time to pick the one best suited for your needs.  Remember if you need any help in deciding, please feel free to contact us!