Soudaseal 29oz SL, Limestone. Self Leveling Sealant, SMX Hybrid Polymer. Case of 12

SOU 143630-CS
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Soudaseal SL 29oz Limestone Self Leveling Concrete Sealant

The Soudaseal SL is an SMX Hybrid Polymer; what does this mean? SMX Hybrid Polymer technology is the next generation that goes beyond the capabilities of a polyurethane sealant.  From an application standpoint it is much more forgiving and versatile. It can be applied at wider temperature ranges that include extreme heat/cold and moisture which does not apply to polyurethane sealants. In addition to this, the hybrids are solvent free and do not outgas or bubble in the curing process like polyurethanes can exhibit at times; this will provide a smoother, cleaner and more seamless finish. 

Another benefit of the Soudaseal SL is the packaging.  The Soudaseal SL comes in a 29oz pvc plastic cartridge with a removable nozzle. Why does this matter?  The Soudaseal SL is in a stronger package overall and less susceptible to damage in transit and in use, providing a stronger seal that allows the material to stay fresh longer when stored properly.  It also contains removable nozzle allowing for more end use versatility i.e. cutting the nozzle to desired size, shipping height, shelf space etc.


Shipping: This product can only be shipped within the continental U.S. This product is also available for Pick-Up from our Farmingdale, NJ warehouse. To arrange a pick-up please contact our team via email or phone call for assistance.

Use by Date? - No worries. All of our products are fresh, in sealed cases, straight from Soudal! All products are within 12 months of their best use date, and because of this we can guarantee you that we have the freshest inventory every time you order. 

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