Spill Kit, 20 Gallon Universal + 20 Gallon Refill Kit

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AWF 20 Gallon Universal Spill Kit & Refill

Our 20 Gallon Universal Spill Kit comes in a UN rated DOT approved container to keep all your spill response products in one place. The Gray Universal Sorbents, absorb “non-aggressive” fluids and most “aggressive” fluids. Non-aggressive fluids are common chemicals that include, oils, water, glycols, etc. where aggressive fluids are acids and caustic solutions. For a more complete list see this compatibility chart.

Spill Kit Includes:

  • 1 – 20 Gal UN approved Drum (UN Rating 1H2/X57/S)
            Eagle Manufacturing Model 1650, 21"h x 21"w
            High Density Polyethylene with Screw On Lid
  • 35 – 15" x 19" Universal Spill Pads
  • 3 – 3" x 12' Universal Sorbent Socks
  • 2 – 18" x 18" Universal Sorbent Pillows
  • 1 – Safety Goggles
  • 1 – Pair of Chemical Neoprene Gloves
  • 1 – Emergency Response Guidebook
  • 5 – Hazardous Material Disposal Bag
  • 1 – "Spill Kit" Wall Sign

Refill Kit Includes:

  •  35 – 15" x 19" Universal Spill Pads
  •  3 – 3" x 12' Universal Sorbent Socks
  •  2 – 18" x 18" Universal Sorbent Pillows
  •  1 – Pair of Chemical Neoprene Gloves
  •  5 – Hazardous Material Disposal Bag
  •  Absorbency - up to 36.5 gallons

If you don’t see the kit you are looking for, please call us at 888 223-3050.  We can customize any kit to fit your needs.


Technical Information

Technical Information:

  • Absorbency for Spill Kit - 36.5 gallons
  • Actual Spill Kit Weight - 25 lbs
  • Combined Absorbency - up to 31 gallons
  • Combined Actual Product Weight - 36 lbs
  • Absorbs “non-aggressive” fluids and most “aggressive” fluids



How to Use

Use of Pads and Socks:

Socks: Socks are usually the first item out of the box. These snake like tubes are used to block the spread of your spill and contain the spilled liquids within a confined area.  You lay these down on the edges of your spill to limit its spread or place them across the spill's path to protect drains, and porous surfaces such as lawns or open ground.

Pads: These are the thinner sheets of absorbent material. These are used to clean up the bulk of your spill/mess. They also work well as towels or rags to clean off items that are contaminated by the spilled liquid. You can also use these to absorb active drips and leaks before they become a problem.

Pillows: These have the bulk of a sock within the rectangular shape of a pad. These are great for tight spaces that have active leaks. Pillows also work well to sponge up liquids on hard surfaces such as cement or concrete.


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