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​Understanding Enerfoam Sealant and Adhesive

​Understanding Enerfoam Sealant and Adhesive

Posted by Carmen T. on Apr 11th 2024

Finding the proper sealant is crucial for ensuring your projects' durability and energy efficiency in the home improvement and construction world. The Enerfoam Sealant and Adhesive is reliable for sealing gaps and cracks in various applications, off white in color it offers airtightness and insulation properties. It is also used for adhering insulated concrete forms, architectural foam, drywal […]

How to choose the right foam insulation: High-Density Foam vs. Low-Density Foam

Posted by Carmen T. on Mar 20th 2024

Are you considering foam insulation for your home or business but need clarification on the differences between high-density and low-density options? Understanding the key differences can help you make an informed decision that suits your project's needs. Let's explore the characteristics of each type to help you choose the correct foam insulation for your needs.Density:Low-density foam has a […]

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