Froth-Pak Spray Foam Kits


Froth-Paks are available in 2 formulations.

Froth-Pak™ Sealants (green stripe box) are excellent at sealing air leaks, preventing moisture infiltration and keeping dust and pests out. Sealants typically need to be covered with an additional fire barrier to meet code requirements.

Froth-Pak Insulation (red stripe box) is excellent at sealing and provides insulation at R-6 per inch thickness. In addition, Froth-Pak Insulation is formulated to provide extra fire protection with a Class A fire rating; this allows it to be sprayed up to 2 inches thick in basements, crawl spaces and attics without the requirement of a separate fire barrier. For specific requirements contact your local building code office.

Froth-Paks™ produce a sprayable closed cell foam that seals gaps and prevents air and moisture infiltration. Once you seal and lay down a base of spray foam insulation you can add bulk with fiberglass batt to build R value (known as flash & batt). With no air leakage you get the full R value from your materials.

Personal Protection Equipment is required when applying FROTH-PAK™ foam kits. The required PPE should include gloves, goggles, Tyvek suit, and respirator with cartridge for organic vapor & P100 particles. *Not included with the kits.

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