Insulation for Every Application 

Let's not waste any time!  Here's what you need to know... 

DuPont™ Spray Foam comes in 2 types, two-part Froth-Pak™ kits and single-part Great Stuff Pro™ sealants. 

Froth-Pak™ two part polyurethane spray foam kits provide insulation and air sealing that fiberglass insulation cannot match. The typical R values advertised on fiberglass products are based upon perfect installation and do not take into account air leaks. In reality fiberglass batts don't seal gaps where air and moisture can penetrate making your true R value much lower. These leaks mean higher energy costs due to escaping air as well as potential mold problems. 

Spray foam insulation seals these gaps and prevents air and moisture penetration in wall cavities, rim joists, attic top plates, and more. Eliminate air leaks and you can be sure that you're getting the true R value of your insulating materials. Two-part closed cell spray foams have R values ranging from R-5 to R-6 per inch. 

Rigid Board Insulation comes in panels of various thickness which provide different R values. Easy to work with, rigid insulation can be incorporated into construction or added later to increase R value. Panels are glued or attached with fasteners and can be cut with a utility knife or saw. 

Flashing provides a weather resistant barrier which keeps rain and outside moisture from penetrating walls and sheathing while allowing water vapor to escape. Proper installation channels rain water away from the inside of your house and keeps walls dry and moisture free.