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DuPont Styrofoam™ Insulation 

DuPont Styrofoam™ Insulation (Previously recognized as Blue Board due to its color) is a nonstructural, rigid board insulation manufactured of Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS). It can be used on exterior and interior walls to give you a continuous insulation barrier that can increase the effective R-value of the wall by up to 20%.  First manufactured by Dow in 1941, DuPont's extruded polystyrene has been an industry leader ever since. Extruded Polystyrene Foam offers high, long-term R-value and excellent compressive strength. The foam's closed cell structure and lack of voids resist moisture penetration thus increasing its thermal efficiency and protecting underlying materials from water damage. When used with Weathermate construction tape to cover seams and Great Stuff sealants to seal gaps, DuPont Styrofoam™ insulation board provides a barrier against air leakage and infiltration. 

DuPont STYROFOAM™ Insulation meets IBC/IRC  requirements for foam plastic insulation. See ICC-ES ESR-2142. It is UL Classified; see Classification Certificate D369.