Spill Kits & Sorbents

We have the size and type spill kit to fit your needs.

Everything you need to clean up and contain spills!

Spill Kits and Sorbents offer the perfect solution to contain spills and prevent further damage.  When a spill occurs, it's important to have the proper Spill Kits on hand to absorb and contain the spill in order to avoid contamination and avoid costly fines.  

Typical spill kits contain Absorbents (pads, socks, and pillows), PPE (goggles, gloves) and bags or containers to collect and hold used cleanup materials.  Spill kits & Sorbents come in different types depending on the kind of material to be soaked up.

  • Universal Spill Kits – Contain treated Polypropylene absorbents that soak up most common chemicals.

  • Oil Only Spill Kits – Contain untreated Polypropylene absorbents that soak up oils and petroleum based products but will not absorb water. These are often useful when you need to separate spills from standing water.

  • Chemical Spill Kits – Contain treated Polypropylene absorbents, similar to Universal, but often color coded to indicate special handling is required.