Refills for Spill Kits & Absorbents

Spill Sorbents

Refill for Spill Kits & Absorbents

Liquid Chemical and Oil spills can cause major disruption and damage if not treated quickly and properly. Our high quality sorbent materials and Refill Kits are designed to keep spills from spreading and to make clean up safe and effective. These sorbents are manufactured of Polypropylene, a lightweight non-woven fabric that is both durable and absorbent. This material can come untreated (Oil-Only, white color) or treated (Universal, gray color).

Universal Sorbents - Gray: The Gray Universal Material absorbs “non-aggressive” fluids and most “aggressive” fluids. Non-aggressive fluids are a number of common chemicals that include, oils, water, glycols, etc. where aggressive fluids are acids and caustic solutions. For a more complete list see this compatibility chart.

Oil Only Sorbents - White:  The White Oil Only Sorbents are untreated Polypropylene. Untreated Polypropylene is "Hydrophobic" (repels water) and Oleophilic (adsorbs oil). Oil Only sorbents can be used to skim oils off of water; the oil adsorbs (adheres) to the sorbent fibers while the water is repelled by the pad. Oil Only pads work with most hydrocarbon based fluids, see compatibility chart.