Bollard Posts

Material Handling

Protect your building with Steel Posts and Bollard Covers

Bollard Posts.... What are they? Why do you need them?  What exactly do they do?

Bollard Posts & Machine Guards are used to protect your warehouse, store front or commercial building.  Bollards can be used to protect sensitive equipment such as electrical panels, natural gas meters from accidental damage from vehicles.  Machine guard bollards provide protection by creating barriers between traffic areas and valuable machinery.

Bollard Post Sleeves are made from 100% High Density Polyehtylene (HDPE).  They fit over steel bollard posts and come in a range of sizes and colors. These post sleeves add a clean look to bare steel bollards therefore enhancing overall appearance.  They also help protect vehicles from impact damage.  Eagle bollard covers have UV inhibitors which resist fading, and cracking

So there you have it!  Not a complicated piece of equipment, but one that saves money and protects your space all at the same time!