Plasti Dip Rubber Coating

Plasti Dip Luxury colors 


Plasti Dip started as a synthetic rubber coating intended to cover tool handles and provide a sure, strong, non-slip grip that would hold up under abuse. Since then Plasti Dip has been used by business, industry, craftsmen, hobbyists, and Do-It-Yourselfers to do things never dreamed of by the original inventor.

So, why do we sell Plasti Dip?  Simply because it is an incredibly, outstanding product with thousands of cool applications. We’ve been selling Plasti Dip for over 15 years and really love all that it can do. Its runs the gamut from highly technical applications to car dipping to hobbies, crafts and gardening projects. It’s so cool because you can use it in thousands of different ways. We love exploring new applications and uses of Plasti Dip and we experiment with it all of the time here at AWF!

 What will you do with Plasti Dip?