Plasti Dip - One Gallon

Plasti Dip Family of Products

Plasti Dip in Gallons, the coating of thousands of uses!

Plasti Dip is indeed the coating of thousands of uses and it conveniently comes in a one gallon size for bigger projects and applications. It's probably easier to list the things you can't use it for!!! But that's not very helpful.  Our customers have used Plasti Dip  Gallons for so many coating applications:  medical, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, marine, recreation, electrical, home & garden, sporting goods, and so on and so on...

Your Plasti Dip projects are only limited by your imagination.  Imagine  your way to amazing creations and every once in a while, send us an email with a photo of your project.  We love to see all the cool Plasti Dip creations that dippers dream up.

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