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We've all seen those really cool cars, rims, bike helmets and tools coated in Plasti Dip and they are really inspiring.  But what about the small stuff?  You know, all those little things around the house where you need something fixed or repaired and don't know quite what to use. Well,  you guessed it, Plasti Dip has a solution for that too!

When the plastic coating on your dishwasher prongs starts to erode, ReRack to the rescue.  When Fluffy accidentally rips your vinyl seats in your car while you were taking her to the vet, VLP (Vinyl & Leather Repair) is just the ticket. And when you ran over the cord to your vacuum cleaner just one too many times Plasti Dip Liquid Electrical Tape saves the day! Oh and don't forget that bathroom rug that sends you flying the second you put your foot on it! Super Grip  is the hero of the day here!  So, you see, Plasti Dip is more than just a pretty face!  Lots of different products for all kinds of situations around the house!