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What makes a Safety Can, Safe?

What are Type I and Type II safety cans?

Type I and Type II safety cans are designed to store flammable liquids. They have improved safety features over a typical "gas" can. In most cases OSHA requires these types of cans for use in business and industry.

Type I and Type II cans

Type I & Type II, which is which? 

Type I has one opening, used for both filling and emptying the can; Type II has two openings, one to fill the can, one to empty.

So what about those safety features?

 A combination of fuel, oxygen, and heat are required to start a fire, or combust. All three are required to start a fire. If you're missing one of three, a fire won't start. A safety can limits at least 1 of the 3 from combining together.

First, Safety Cans have a spring loaded cap. Flammable liquids do not burn, the vapor that comes off a flammable liquid burns. You are more likely to have a fire when you have a large amount of liquid exposed to air. Spill that liquid and your chances of fire are even greater. The spring loaded cap opens only when you want it. All other times it stays closed. It prevents vapors from escaping and keeps liquid from spilling when the can is knocked over.

Spring Load Cap

Second, In addition to preventing spills and limiting vapor exposure, the spring loaded cap acts as a pressure release valve. When you heat a closed container with gas in it, pressure can increase to the point where combustion will take place. When this happens combustion is fast and violent. You have an explosion. Eagle spring loaded caps are set to release at 5-PSI. When internal pressure reaches 5-PSI the cap vents and vapor escapes. Released vapor burns in small quantities but not enough to cause an explosion.

Third, Safety Cans are made with flame arresters. Flame arresters are perforated screens fitted in each opening on a safety can. Liquid is allowed to pour through but flames are stopped before entering the can. No flame, No fire.

Flame Arrester

In addition to the safety features, Eagle Safety cans are constructed of Hot Dipped 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel and finished with a durable baked on powder coat finish. Eagle Safety Cans are the only cans made with Deep Drawn Seamless Construction. There is only one seam where the bottom is attached. Fewer seams means fewer chances to leak.

Cans with Funnels

Eagle Safety cans meet stringent testing standards for leaking, strength and durability. 

Eagle Safety Cans meet or exceed OSHA & NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) Code 30 requirements and are approved by FM (Factory Mutual), UL (Underwriters laboratory) and ULC (Underwriters Laboratory Canada)


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