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Where are the Plastic Eagle Gas Cans?

Posted by Martin Z on Sep 11th 2014

We still get people looking for Plastic Eagle gas cans even though they haven't been made for a number of years. If you want one, look on eBay and find them described as "rare", "vintage" and "collectable".Other manufacturers still make plastic gas cans for home use but they lack important safety features designed to prevent explosion and fire. Instead, Eagle offers a safer alternative in […]

When is Plasti Dip not Plasti Dip?

Posted by Martin Z on Sep 4th 2014

Better yet, when is Plasti Dip not the same old Plasti Dip? Answer: When it comes to your car.The number one reason our customers buy Plasti Dip is to customize cars. Not just in the U.S, or Canada, or Mexico, but everywhere. Somewhere there’s a guy in Kazakhstan, spraying Plasti Dip on his car right now. I kid you not.So Plasti Dip, not being blind, decided to do something about it.First […]

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AWarehouseFull Presents - Why do Professionals choose WEATHERMATE -Plus Housewrap

Sep 18th 2013

AWarehouseFull presents“Why Do Professional’s Choose . . .”WEATHERMATE™ Plus – Housewrap ?Keep Damaging Water OutOutperforms DuPont Tyvek in ASTM D779 test, which measures the time it takes for water and/or water vapor to pass through the housewrap materialCan be used under cedarReduced Air InfiltrationResults of TAPPI T-460 test which measures the volume of air that passes through the h […]

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