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When is Plasti Dip not Plasti Dip?

Posted by Martin Z on Sep 4th 2014

Better yet, when is Plasti Dip not the same old Plasti Dip?

Answer: When it comes to your car.

The number one reason our customers buy Plasti Dip is to customize cars. Not just in the U.S, or Canada, or Mexico, but everywhere. Somewhere there’s a guy in Kazakhstan, spraying Plasti Dip on his car right now. I kid you not.

So Plasti Dip, not being blind, decided to do something about it.

First, they brought out new colors. 

Next they brought out Rubber Dip Spray. Rubber Dip Spray took standard Rubber Dip and thinned it so it could be sprayed direct from the can. This made it easier for customers to get consistent coverage and color without fussing over thinning ratios and the proper thinner to use.

All seemed right in the Plasti Dip world, Rubber Dip Spray sold well, most people were happy…..but not all.

Guess what, Plasti Dip paid attention and improved Rubber Dip Spray. They tweaked the chemistry, improved the pigments and increased the UV protection. Rubber Dip Spray became a better product, designed specifically for the requirements of the auto detailer.

So how do you know if you’re getting the new improved product?

It’s been renamed!! (Trumpets please).

Rubber Dip Spray is now Plasti Dip Spray.

So get ready to Customize your Car, Accessorize your Auto, Dip your Ride. We have the product for you.

This is a rebranding similar to regular Plasti Dip, but this time Plasti Dip Spray is improved. Most colors we have in stock are now the improved formula.