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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Posted by Martin Z on Nov 10th 2014

Winter is here and it's COLD!

Cold Air that makes it difficult for you to work.

Cold Air that makes it difficult for some products to work.

Be aware which products are temperature sensitive. Chiefly among these are products that rely on a chemical reaction to take place, such as Dow Froth Paks

Instructions for Froth Paks recommend they be sprayed in temperatures in the upper 70's. Like you, they like the warmth. Keep the tanks in a warm room as long as possible; Preheat the room you’re applying the foam in; and Make sure to shut off any ignition sources (pilot lights, heaters, etc.) before you start spraying.

While you can store Froth Paks in cooler spaces, it's not recommended to store them in temperatures less than 45° F. So don't leave them outside, in your truck, in an unheated garage or anyplace you wouldn't want to stay yourself. If it gets too cold, you risk damaging the product, so be careful.

Now that we've cautioned you, we'd like to let you know that we're going to do everything in our power to get your order to you safely.

First, we look at where you are and check the weather report, your weather report. If temperatures are lower than recommended we'll do several things.

We may delay shipment. If shipping late in the week means your order will sit in an unheated terminal too long, we'll let you know. If you agree it's OK, we'll ship on Monday or when temperatures rise.

We will use a "Do Not Freeze" service or a quicker routing to get your order to you sooner.

We'll pack the parts that could freeze in over-pack boxes and additional insulation.

With this multilayer protective approach, we provide you with the insulation products you want efficiently and damage free. 

So once you've sealed up the drafts and insulated your home, sit back, relax and enjoy the winter.