AWF PRO 20 Gallon Universal Spill Kit - 59 Pieces. Perfect for Absorbing Spills of Oils, Coolants, Solvents, & Water. Includes 20g DOT Approved Drum, Universal Socks, Pads & Pillows, & Accessories

KTSK 10200
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20 Gallon Universal Spill Kit, Pro Grade, 59 Pieces


Our 20 Gallon spill kit comes in a UN rated DOT approved container to keep all your spill response products in one place. The Gray Universal Sorbents absorb common chemicals that include, oils, water, glycols, etc. and some acids and caustic solutions.

The mix of sorbent pads, socks and pillows give you the tools to reduce spill spread and contamination.

 Socks: Usually deployed first, socks are long snake like tubes of sorbent material. These are used as a border to keep spills from spreading into drains, walkways or unpaved areas.

  • Pillows: Thicker than a pad, pillows can be used in tight spots under active leaks or as the main spill absorber on cement or concrete.
  • Pads: Use to absorb spilled material, as a wiper on tools or hands or fasten in place on the floor to absorb everyday grease and oil spills.

Total Absorption Capacity = 19.6 Gallons

Our kit includes:

            1 – 20 Gal UN approved Drum (UN Rating 1H2/X57/S)
                  High Density Polyethylene with Screw On Lid
          40 – 15" x 19" Universal Spill Pads
            3 – 3" x 4' Universal Sorbent Socks
            2 – 18" x 18" Universal Sorbent Pillows
            1 – Safety Goggles
            1 – Pair of Chemical Neoprene Gloves
            5 – Hazardous Material Disposal Bag
            5 – Zip Ties
            1– "Spill Kit" Wall Sign

Not sure which kind of sorbent you need? See this compatibility chart
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