Pyramid Shaped Portable Sign Base and Holder, 96" High, Sign Not Included, Ideal Shield

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Ideal Shield Portable Pyramid Sign Bases

Ideal Shield’s Portable Pyramid Sign Bases are the perfect fit for curbside pickup services and any designated parking areas. Don’t worry about maintenance or permanent installation, Ideal Shield Sign Bases will never need to be painted, and the design make it so you can add signs to any location.

  • The pyramid base is made with LDPE plastic with ultra-violet & anti-static additives. The sign post is 1.66" OD 14-gauge steel tube sleeved in a HDPE plastic with plastic cap.
  • Optional Wheeled Base allows you to move sign with ease.
  • The sign base can filled with water, sand, pea gravel, or concrete for stability.
  • The sign base can withstand freezing conditions. Do not fill up the sign base with water to capacity. Volume of the sign base is 19.4 gallons; for freeze prone areas we recommend to fill water to 16 gallons.
  • The sign base with sign holder ships at 30lbs. The base has the dimensions of 22" x 22" x 22" and the sign holder reaches a height of 96". The total weight can reach up to 175 pounds and withstand up to 75 mph wind gusts.
  • Mounting hardware allows sign to be mounted through predrilled holes and can accommodate 2 signs, one on each side of pole. Height is fully adjustable.
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  • Maintenance free product; never paint again
  • Sign Post can be relocated when needed
  • For more permanent installation, fill base with concrete
  • Easy installation, minimal tools required
  • Withstands wind gusts of over 75 mph
  • Available in a choice of colors


  • Sign Base: 22" H x 22" W x 22" D LDPE plastic with Ultra-Violet and Anti-Static Additives
  • Sign Post: Standard height is 96" 1.66 OD 14 gauge sleeved in HDPE plastic 1.9" OD with plastic cap
  • Sign mounting hardware included
  • Install: Fill with water, base-gel, sand, gravel or concrete

Questions? Give us a call at 1.888.223.3050




Mounting a Sign and Base Setup

Setting up a Wheeled Base