Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps and Cracks Insulating Spray Foam Sealant Kit Includes a Great Stuff™ Applicator Gun

KTGS 1557
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GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gaps & Cracks Polyurethane Foam fills, seals, and insulates gaps up to 3" wide. The Great Stuff Pro™ line of products are the perfect solution for stopping air and moisture infiltration, thereby increasing comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Cans of Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps & Cracks Polyurethane Foam Sealant
  • 1 Great Stuff Pro™ Applicator Gun with 4 tips and extender tubes
  • 1 Can of Great Stuff Pro™ Foam Cleaner
  • 1 Package Nitrile Gloves

Top quality foam gun dispenser

The Great Stuff Pro™ foam gun provides a durable cost effective applicator that provides precise placement of Gaps & Cracks foam.

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Barbed tip allows for attachment of nozzles and straws to reach tight spots.
  • Teflon coated adapter basket, dispensing needle and ball valve promote easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic trigger and handle provide comfortable hand placement
  • Smooth trigger action
  • Easy-to-use control knob allows foam bead adjustment.
  • Proper storage and cleaning extends the life of foam cans and applicator gun

Specially formulated cleaner

With Great Stuff Pro™ foam cleaner, there's no simpler way to clean your foam gun thoroughly and ensure an effective application every time.

  • Easy care and cleanup once you've finished applying foam.
  • Dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam with a unique cleaner formula specially made for Great Stuff foam.

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