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DuPont Froth Pak -Which One is Right for You?

DuPont Froth Pak -Which One is Right for You?

Posted by Martin Z on May 10th 2021

DuPont Froth Paks are a highly efficient way to seal your home from air leaks and save energy by reducing heating and cooling loss.

The Basics:

A Froth Pak kit comes with 2 separate tanks and an applicator/hose assembly. 2 hoses lead out of the applicator gun and each hose is attached to a separate tank. On the applicator gun is a socket where you insert a replaceable tip. The tips come in several spray patterns.

These 2 tanks each contain different chemicals that when combined produce polyurethane foam. The Polyurethane foam is a “Closed Cell” foam that doesn’t allow air and moisture to pass through. This is why Froth Pak excels at sealing air leaks.

The Differences:

Froth Pak kits come in 2 types and several different sizes.

Types: Sealant (Green Stripe) or Insulation (Red Stripe)

Froth Pak Sealant:

Froth Pak Sealant uses closed cell foam to block openings, seams and passages where air and moisture can leak through your floors, walls and building structure.

Froth Pak Sealant can be applied in a manner similar to caulk and foam sealants by covering all the seams where joists, sill plates, and subflooring meet. This is a method known as “Picture Framing”.

Picture Framing the Sill Plate with Froth Pak Sealant

You get the sealing benefits by blocking all the air passages but you don’t get the added insulation on the board face. You could apply the Froth Pak Sealant to the board faces but your local building code may require you to cover the sealant with a fire barrier.

By using the Froth Pak Sealant this way you get a boost in your insulation efficiency because you’ve closed off all the air leaks, you prevent moisture from seeping through and causing mold problems, and you discourage insects and small critters from coming into your house.

Froth Pak Insulation:

Froth Pak Insulation is a closed cell foam that provides all the sealing benefits that the Froth Pak Sealant does. In addition, Froth Pak Insulation provides additional fire protection. It has been formulated to have a class A fire rating when used up to 2 inches thick.

Froth Pak Insulation is intended to cover a wider area than Froth Pak Sealant. Instead of picture framing a sill plate, Froth Pak Insulation can be sprayed directly on the side of the sill plate providing additional insulation protection.

Insulating the Sill Plate with Froth Pak Insulation

For sill plates the class A fire rating allows it to sprayed up to 2” thick without the need for an additional fire barrier.

Larger areas (wider than 6”), such as curtain walls, floors, and attic spaces that are open to a livable space may need to be covered with a fire barrier. We recommend you talk with your local building code office to be sure.

The Sizes:

Froth Paks are available in different sizes (yields). The name of each Froth Pak, i.e. Froth Pak 12, Froth Pak 200 etc. indicates the amount of Board Feet a kit should give you.

What’s a Board Foot? A Board Foot is 1 Square Foot (12” x 12”) to a depth of 1 Inch. A Board foot is a space 12” x 12” x 1”.

The following chart indicates the differences between each of the Froth Pak kits that we carry.

Froth Pak 12

Froth Pak 200

Froth Pak 210

Froth Pak 650

  Froth Pak 12

  Froth Pak 200

  Froth Pak 210

  Froth Pak 650

Type Sealant Sealant Insulation Insulation
Fire Rated

Yes Yes
R Rating/Inch
4.6 5.0 6.6 6.6
Seals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insulates Yes Yes
Nozzle Types
Caulking Nozzle 3
Cone Nozzle
6 6 8
Fan Nozzle
4 4 4
Yield 10-12 bd ft 200 bd ft 210 bd ft 650 bd ft

Froth Pak Nozzles:

A number of different nozzles are available to fit the Froth Pak applicator gun. All nozzles are interchangeable and can be used in any applicator gun.

This chart shows the differences for the common types that are included in the do it yourself kits.

Froth Pak Nozzle Types

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Or download the Dow brochure Tech Solutions 215.0.