Oil Only Absorbent Spill Pads, 15 in x 18 in, Bundle of 100

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Oil Only Spill Pads - Bundle of 100

These White, Oil Only Sorbent Pads adsorb hydro carbon based fluids. Oil Only Sorbents are manufactured of untreated Polypropylene. Untreated Polypropylene is "Hydrophobic" (repels water) and Oleophilic (adsorbs oil). Oil Only sorbents can be used to skim oils off of water; the oil adsorbs (adheres) to the sorbent fibers while the water is repelled by the pad. Oil Only pads work with most hydrocarbon based fluids, see compatibility chart. Pads can be used to absorb spilled material; as a wiper on tools or hands; or when fastened in place on the floor, to adsorb everyday grease and oil spills.


  • Type: Oil Only
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: Heavy Weight
  • Size: 15" x 18"
  • Bundle Size: 100 Pads
  • Absorption: 27.4 Gal. per Bundle
  • Actual Weight: 13 lbs

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