Low GWP FROTH-PAK™ 17 Gallon Insulation Refill

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Low GWP FROTH-PAK Refill Replacement Cylinders – 17 Gallon Insulation

Dupont FROTH-PAK™ Refills are the smart solution for foam contractors looking to add spray foam capacity without investing in additional full scale rigs. FROTH-PAK™ Refills also allow general contractors to apply spray foam insulation with a smaller financial outlay than the large upfront costs associated with drum foam.

DuPont FROTH-PAK™ Refills work similar to the disposable FROTH-PAK™ kits. Closed cell polyurethane foam is created in a quick reacting process by mixing the contents of the A tank (Isocyanate) and the B tank (Polyol) to provide insulating and sealing. In most cases FROTH-PAK™ foam insulation (a class A fire rated product) can be applied up to several inches thick in non-habitable areas without the need for a thermal barrier. As always, check with your local code office for approval.

This listing is for 2 x 17 gallon tanks, one of Isocyanate and one Polyol.

17 Gallon Tanks = 2,150 bd ft yield


FROTH-PAK™ Refill Cylinders are available in 17, 27, 60, 120 and 350 gallon pairs.

This kit comes with one pair of 17 Gallon Foam Insulation tanks.

  • FROTH-PAK™17 Foam Insulation
  • Closed Cell, Class A Fire Rated
  • R-Value: 6.1
  • Density: 1.75 pcf
  • A Tank: Isocyanate - Part # 12066144
  • B Tank: Polyol - Part # 12069376
  • Theoretical Yield: 2,150 bd ft*

*A board foot (bd ft) is a space 12” x 12” x 1”.

Shipping Weight

  • Empty Cylinder: 60 lbs each
  • Chemical: 150 lbs net
  • Total Weight Single Cylinder: 210 lbs
  • Total Weight Both A&B Cylinders: 420 lbs

Full cylinders will ship directly from DuPont. When depleted DuPont will arrange transport to return empty containers for reuse. Full instructions are included with tanks.


What else do I need?

These cylinders are designed to be used with the DuPont FROTH-PAK™

Refill Spray Equipment and Anti Crossover Nozzles (Sold Separately).

To pressurize the system you need to attach a nitrogen cylinder. This can be rented from a local welding supply company.

Proper PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) is required for anyone spraying or working in the same area. Please see the DuPont video for additional details.


Can Froth Pak be applied in cold temperatures?

No, Froth Pak should be applied at typical room temperatures. The cylinders can be stored at slightly cooler temperatures but need to come to room temperature before being applied. At no time should Froth Pak chemicals be allowed to freeze.

Heated hoses and warming blankets are available. Please call us at 888-223-3050 for more information.

Technical Information


Froth Pak™ Refill Setup

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