POLYGUARD Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage

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Polyguard BBLF is an all-purpose, fluid-applied flashing installed with an application gun and trowel used to create a weather-resistant, fully adhered air barrier system around window and door installations. It was developed utilizing Silyl Terminated Polyether Technology (STPE). It comes in a 20oz “sausage tube” requiring a “sausage gun” to apply. Can be left exposed to UV light for up to 9 months.

  • Creates an air-tight seal that resists harsh elements. Permanently flashes and seals around building penetrations.
  • Superior adhesion to concrete, metal, CMU block, untreated OSB or plywood sheathings, gypsum, and ICF.
  • Shore A Hardness of 55-65 with Tensile Strength of 300-350 PSI, Elongation of 200-250%, and 100% solids content.
  • Bonds to multiple substrates in either wet or dry conditions. Tack-free in 30-45 minutes. Cures in 8+ hours depending on conditions.
  • Complies with ASTM E84, AAMA 714-715, and NFPA 285 under many wall assemblies. Application ambient and surface temperature range of 40-100°F.