Poly Wall® Butyl Flash Window Flashing Tape

POL BF4100
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Poly Wall® - Butyl Flash Window Flashing Tape

Poly Wall® Butyl Flash Window Flashing Tape is a self-adhering, self-sealing tape consisting of a butyl-based waterproofing coating, laminated to polyethylene film that is made in the USA. The flashing is supplied in rolls (you can select between 1, 2, 3 or 4 rolls) with an easy to remove film release liner and is available in 20 mil thickness and a variety of widths you can select from (4", 6", 9" and 12").

Please see the complete Poly Wall® Butyl Flash "Product Information Sheet" here. Please see the complete Poly Wall® Butyl Flash "Safety Data Sheet" here. 


Butyl Flash products are used to strip in or flash straight window frames, and other construction seams, in both hot and cold temperature ranges. Butyl Flash will provide additional adhesion and can typically be used down to 15ºF.

Features & Benefits:

  • Specially made for both high and low-temperature climates.
  • Simple application: On and off the job site quickly.
  • Self-seals: Providing a smooth watertight surface around nails, staples, and fasteners.
  • Waterproofs: Inhibiting mold and mildew in sub-surfaces.
  • Superior adhesion: Enhancing speed on the job. Improves productivity in a variety of conditions.
  • Resists cracking or tearing if structural movement occurs.

Simple Installation:

The sequence of installation is:

  1. Install horizontal strip on the sill.
  2. Set window frame.
  3. Adhere vertical strips to jamb flanges and sheathing.
  4. Adhere horizontal strip to straight head flange and sheathing.
  5. Roll all tape surfaces with a hand roller.

Please view the Poly Wall® Butyl Flashing "Installation Instructions" here.

For additional information, any questions or concerns; please contact us via email at: customerservice@awarehousefull.com