DuPont™ Weathermate™ Sill Pan 271260 Box of 25 Window Sill Flashing

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WEATHERMATE™ Sill Pan is a translucent, molded polymer that conforms to window openings. The durable polymer will not rust or rot and is compatible with standard adhesives and sealants. WEATHERMATE™.  The innovative two-piece construction can be adjusted to fit most windowsill widths, providing a continuous shield against water infiltration, even in sill corners.

WEATHERMATE™ Sill Pan is sold as a two-piece assembly that includes a right-corner piece and a left-corner piece. The integrated corner design provides another layer of protection against water intrusion. And the two pieces facilitate easy adjustment to fit most windowsill widths. WEATHERMATE™ Sill Pan works best when the windowsill is sloped to the exterior. Shims, if necessary, should be placed underneath WEATHERMATE

Dimensions: 5" h x 3-3/4" d x 32" w (each piece); sold as two-piece assembly that adjusts to fit most window sill widths.

Building Code Compliance: Meets requirements of ASTM E2112  


Click here to view the Weathermate Sill Pan Product Information Sheet.

Click here to view the Weathermate™ Sill Pan Installation Information & Recommendations.

The sale price is for a complete box of 25 sets (enough to do 25 windows).

 **Back Dam Not Included** 

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