Housewrap & Flashing

Housewrap & Flashing

Why do Professionals Choose WEATHERMATE Plus Housewrap?

  • Keeps Damaging Water OutOutperforms DuPont Tyvek in ASTM D779 test, which measures the time it takes for water and/or water vapor to pass through the housewrap material. 
  • Reduced Air Infiltration:  Results of TAPPI T-460 test which measures the volume of air that passes through the house wrap have proven that WEATHERMATE™ Plus (>1800 air porosity) prevents home energy loss better than Tyvek (300 air porosity) while protecting against entrance of undesirable elements such as mold, mildew, smoke, pests, etc 
  • Provides Optimal Vapor Permeability:  WEATHERMATE™ Plus outperforms Pactiv and Tyvek in ASTM E96 tests which measures water vapor transmission rating of 6.7 perms (optimal range being 5 to 20 perms) while competitors have measured a perm rating as high as 58 which increases the risk of excessive water vapor entering the wall cavity
  • Superior Tear Resistance:  ASTM D1117 test measures the machine and cross direction tear strength and the results have demonstrated that WEATHERMATE™ Plus has twice the tear strength of DuPont Tyvek
  • Easy to work with:  When working in rain, WEATHERMATE™ Plus does not become slippery like competitive housewraps which dramatically reduces the risk of falling that could result in injury.  WEATHERMATE™ Plus  doesn’t give off a glare when installing in direct sunlight.
  • Weathermate™ Flashing, Sill Pans, and Construction Tape provide further protection from the environment when installed around windows and doors. Each product does its job by channeling water away from the inside of the house to keep your walls dry and moisture free.


WEATHERMATE™ Plus is available in 6 sizes:

5’x100’; 9’x100’; 9’x150’; 10’x100’; 10’x100’; 3’x165’

AWarehouseFull stocks several of these sizes in Freehold, NJ for immediate shipment or pick up.