DAP Touch ‘N Foam Black Professional Landscaping Black Foam Sealant 3-pack, 6-pack or Full Case (12 Cans)

DAP 75650 02450-CS-MXP
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Touch ‘N Foam Professional Landscaping Black Foam Sealant 3-pack, 6-pack, Full Case (12 Cans)

Touch ‘N Foam Professional Landscaping foam is a one-component black polyurethane foam sealant and adhesive that is recommended for exterior applications due to being formulated with UV inhibitors to retain its color and blend in naturally to the landscape, even when exposed to direct sunlight. It is plant and fish-safe, and the dark color allows the product to blend into the shadows.

Note: A PRO foam applicator is required to use this product. Check out our applicators here!


Recommended Applications

Recommended applications:

  • Landscaping, including ponds and waterfalls.

    The Touch N Foam Professional Landscaping foam can be applied for the following:

    • To assist water flow in a pond or waterfall application.
    • To position stones in walls.
    • To fill gaps around service penetrations
    • To seal cracks in foundations, retention walls, or crawl spaces.
    • Fill holes in trees.
    • To secure pots for artificial plants.
  • Automotive (RV)
  • HVAC
  • Crafting



Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

  • The recommended application temperatures are between 60°F- 100°F for best results.
  • Ensure the application area is clean, dry, and free of foreign material to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Works best in areas with a 40%+ relative humidity.
  • When applying the product fill the area no more than ¼ to allow room for expansion
    • Excess foam can be trimmed, sanded, caulked, or plastered.



Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Bonds quickly to porous and non-porous materials such as:
    • Cement, Rock, Stone, Wood & Cloth
  • Black foam won't discolor.
  • Safe for fish & plants
  • Won't break down in sunlight. 





  • Color: Black
  • 24 oz. cans available: 3-pack, 6-pack, or full case (12 cans)
  • Insulation Value R-4.5,
  • Expansion Ratio 3:1
  • Full Cure Time 1 hr.
  • Maximum Performance Temperature 240 Degrees F
  • Minimum Performance Temperature -200 Degrees F
  • Working Time 10 min
  • ASTM C1536
  • ASTM C518
  • ICC-ES ESR 1926
  • UL 1715
  • UL 723
  • UL Classified