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Plast Dip is a multi use rubber coating that can be used in automotive, industrial, craft and many other do it yourself projects around the home.  Plasti Dip is finding new and growing application in automotive detailing and rim painting as the product provides a matte finish.  Newly introduced enhancer products add sparkle and shine to any of the standard matte finish products.  Please browse through our site and find the many color and finish possibilities for your project.  We are one of the largest distributors in the USA with a broad range of mix and quantity.  If you don't see it listed anywhere on our site Please call us at 888-223-3050.

We have been selling Plasti Dip products around the globe for many years and are constantly amazed by the number of new applications we come across.  Applications range from insulating electrical wire to coating tools to providing anti slip surfaces to detailing your car.  This flexible rubber coating comes in both liquid and spray form and is also available in a UV enhanced formula.  This UV formula  allows the flexible rubber coating to last years longer when used in outdoor applications.

One of the most popular applications to come along is the detailing/coating of wheels.  Plasti Dip provides a great looking flat finish to car rims and it can also be easily removed at a later date to expose the original wheel.  You can also use the Plasti Dip sprays for detailing other parts of your car like the front grill.  

Plasti Dip has recently introduced NEW Enhancers.  These are sprays that add a gloss or metallic look to the flat base colors. 

Please have a look around our site to view the various Plasti Dip products.  We are one of the only distributors in the country holding large stock of all aerosol, 14.5 and 22 oz dips, one gallon and five gallon pails. 

We are a certified hazardous shipper and can ship anywhere around the world.  We do have  International Distributors in key regions and these companies may be best suited for your needs.  Please contact us on 888-223-3050 for details.

Here are some cool pics from a customer of ours that used a Create Your Color kit and an airbrush to create Monster Green rims.  He then used plasti dip Glossifier as the top coat to give it some shine.  If you have pictures or videos of your project we would love to post these.