Epoxy Applicator Gun with AnchorFix 500 Epoxy Resin Kit, 20 oz 2 Component Tube + Static Mixer

KTSI 465475-1
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Epoxy Adhesive Applicator, AWF Pro with 1 Tube, Sika AnchorFix 500: 20 oz Epoxy


Dual Barrel Caulking Gun for Epoxies and Resins

Our 25:1 Dual Component Pro Caulk Gun is a manual adhesive applicator gun that accepts a variety of 2 part adhesive cartridges. Its durable design is perfect for frequent high volume use and features a number of inserts and push plates to hold different sizes and combinations of adhesives. The 25:1 mechanical advantage provides 25 lbs. of application pressure for each lb. of force applied to the trigger handle, perfect for applying high viscosity caulks and adhesives. In addition, our caulking gun features an instant pressure release tab, to prevent excess leakage and an adjustment screw to limit the amount of adhesive released.


  • Up to 22 oz Dual Adhesive Cartridge
  • 25: 1 Mechanical Advantage
  • Works with Epoxies, Acrylics and Urethanes
  • Works with 1:1 and 2:1 Ratio Cartridges
  • Interchangeable Steel Push Discs fit Multiple Sizes.
  • Rods and Cradle can be configured for Different Style Cartridges
  • Each Trigger Pull provides a 3.5 mm Push. Adjustable Screw can be used to Limit Adhesive Release
  • Sintered Steel Catch Plate
  • Medium-High Viscosity Materials
  • Thumb Activated Instant Pressure Release

Sika AnchorFix-500

Sika AnchorFix-500 has been specially formulated as a high-performance, two component adhesive anchor system for threaded rods and reinforcing bars in uncracked dry concrete.

Suitable for transport applications, DOT doweling, airport runway doweling, machinery mounting and bracket mounting in dry concrete. Use as an adhesive anchor or as a pick-proof seal around windows, doors and grilles.

AnchorFix 500 Advantages

  • Fixing close to free edges
  • Versatile range of embedment depths
  • Anchoring without expansion forces
  • Component volume ration 1:1
  • Extended working time

This product is approved for short term loads and per the NTSB should not be used in sustained tensile load anchoring applications where failure could result in a public safety risk. Do not use in expansion (moving) joints.



Item Contains

  1. Dual Barrel Caulking Gun for Epoxies and Resins
  2. Nitrile Gloves, Blue-12Pk, L/XL
  3. AnchorFix 500 Epoxy Resin Kit, 20 oz 2 Component Tube + Static Mixer