PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - 8 Piece Assortment - Bright Colors

KTAM 301P8
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Spray Paint for Arts & Crafts, Water Based Pintyplus Aqua Mini

150 mL cans - 8 Piece Artist Set

  • Pink Bubble Gum
  • Light Orange
  • Yellow Chick
  • Apple Green
  • Ice Blue
  • Lavanda Violet
  • Black
  • White 

Pintyplus Aqua Mini Spray Paint gives you a smooth, uniform matte finish on any type of surface. Pintyplus Aqua comes in a low pressure aerosol that's perfect for scrapbooking and craft projects. Pintyplus Aqua provides a controlled spray with exceptional coverage, low overspray and No Drips! No aggressive solvents, means it's safe for use on expanded polystyrene. This easy to use, water-based formulation offers maximum coverage, fast drying and simple soap and water cleanup.


Item Contains

  1. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Yellow Chick
  2. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Ice Blue
  3. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - White Lady
  4. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Pink Bubble Gum
  5. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Light Orange
  6. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Black King
  7. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Apple Green
  8. PINTYPLUS AQUA 210cc - Lavanda Violet